Cocaine Addiction

Drug addiction is used as a generic term covering addiction to some type of chemical, opiate, designer chemically altered opiate, or pot. The facts are that each type of addiction causes different reactions, relapse probability and possible genetic deformities in fetus of pregnant addicted women. A drug that is usually seen as belonging to the upper class and has distinction is cocaine. The popular culture sees the white powder that can destroy your central nervous system and unalterably exaggerate your motor skills to appear like a paraplegic is actually hushed up by society since wealthy people use it. One can and does become addicted to cocaine regardless of one’s bank account or social standing. A cocaine addict can be visually diagnosed by his queer and jerky physical behaviors.
A cocaine addict is usually a part of a group of users whose supplier has connections with importers of the drug. Since the substance is expensive and produces a feeling of elevation, users like to snort cocaine in the company of other cocaine users. Trying to break the habit of cocaine addiction is often scoffed at and few cocaine addicts are found doing prison time for using cocaine. There might come a time in a cocaine users existence when the need to break the habit of cocaine becomes necessary like the supplier being jailed or the user facing burn out at work aggravated by cocaine addiction.

Since cocaine addicts are usually financially well off, some might go into private rehab centers on there own to get clean. It usually is not that easy to break the cocaine habit and instances of violent reactions to lack of cocaine are well known. There are some medical disturbances that are also possible to the cocaine addict who is trying to break the habit or has had his supplier taken away from him. When these medical disturbances affect the cocaine user, he is usually hospitalized and a substitute for the chemical is introduced until his condition stabilizes. Cocaine addiction is not a higher step from marijuana, it is a spiral staircase to the burning out of one’s brain cells, literally.

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